What Defenses Do Disability And Personal Injury Liability Present?

The disabled often have impaired bodies and minds. This is especially true of people with autism. These types of people may unintentionally harm to another person. If you are ever involved in a personal injury accident with a disabled person, read this article for valuable information. Also, hire a good personal […]

Can You File A Personal Injury Lawsuit Under California’s Tort Claims Act?

You know that you can file a personal injury lawsuit and win worker’s compensation benefits under California law if you are ever injured at work. However, do you have similar rights if you were injured while working or being located in a government agency? Read this article to find out. Then […]

Do I Need To Refund The Health Insurance Company After Car Accident Claim Is Settled?

Did you know that you have to reimburse your insurance company for any payouts you received prior to receiving your settlement from the defendant? Any personal injury lawyer will inform you of that. This is because you will have been paid twice if you don’t do so and that is not […]

Can I File A Lawsuits For Accidental Injuries Sustained Due Another Driver’s Negligence?

Though drivers promise to be attentive and diligent when they get their driver’s licenses, many drivers are anything but when the drive. Not surprisingly, many of these drivers experience road accidents. If you have ever been hit by a negligent driver and have sustained substantial bodily injury and/or monetary damage, you […]