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In California, the law protects our right to safety in a number of ways. Laws, rules, regulations and a “duty of care” to responsible parties are all part of a system that is intended to uphold our expectations of safe living and travel. Unfortunately, though these laws do govern our activity, the way businesses operate, and the way properties must be managed – things don’t always go as planned and serious accidents can happen out of the blue.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is one of the most complex and wide-ranging areas of the law in California. In covering injuries suffered by people through accidents, personal injury law covers incidents including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian collisions, dog attacks, slip and fall incidents, product liability, and more that leads to TBI and spinal injuries amidst other traumas.

Because personal injury law is so broad, it is essential that those injured through no fault of their own, need to find a competent lawyer who is experienced in their field of injury. The complexities, proof requirements, and preparations necessary for a claim vary depending on the type of accident and injury you have suffered.

With this in mind, we at Braff Personal Injury Law Firm have dedicated ourselves to forming the most experienced, professional, and reliable firm in El Monte. Our team is dedicated to ensuring we are experts in every area of personal injury law.

The Team Approach at Braff Personal Injury Law Firm

Braff Personal Injury Law Firm is a team of professionals that have committed themselves to representing the injured victims of serious accidents. We never work with insurance companies, or represent those who are guilty of recklessness – our dedication is solely to protecting our clients. At our legal firm, we take a team approach to representing clients, and the combined support of our experienced and successful team means we are primed to handle any personal injury case – no matter how daunting or overwhelming.

Our team of personal injury attorneys in El Monte can help you navigate a personal injury claim from the day you are injured until compensation is paid in full. We will work with you to gather information and move through the steps of making a claim, while taking care of all the stressful elements such as planning evidence, and negotiating with insurance companies.

One thing that we at Braff Personal Injury Law Firm bring to the table is experience in how personal injuries usually unfold. Our team can help prepare you for how the process will develop, and can even provide some essential information for you and your loved ones, if you need advice on medical care, rehabilitation, or moving through your claims process. Call us today and let us show you how we can be of assistance.

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In the days and weeks after a serious injury, life becomes very chaotic. Medical needs, emotional trauma, family responsibilities, and uncertainty about future prognosis are all quite a lot to handle. Adding the stress of filing a personal injury claim to this already difficult time can be overwhelming, but it is essential that you find legal representation as soon as possible.

Predatory insurance companies will often try to minimize the level of payment that they must pay out after a serious injury. To this end, they will often pressure injured parties to quickly accept settlements much lower than they are entitled to. With this in mind, the team at Braff Personal Injury Law Firm encourages you to seek legal representation immediately, to ensure your rights and your financial future is protected.

To ensure you have the opportunity to get secure, reliable legal advice that you can rely on, Braff Personal Injury Law Firm offers a free consultation to every potential client in El Monte. Contact us today for the opportunity to review your case, ask questions, and see why we are one of the most respected and successful personal injury firms in California.

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