Product Liability Lawyers in El Monte, Poway, La Quinta & National City

Many personal injury attorneys specialize in the area of defective product accidents and product liability claims.  Over the past couple of decades, we have seen an increasing number product liability claims resulting from the use of defective consumer products.  Unfortunately, legislation at the Federal and state level has been introduced and could hinder the consumer’s rights to bring civil actions against the designers, manufacturers, suppliers and sellers of defective products.  As a result, it could become increasingly more difficult for the consumer to seek justice in product liability cases in El Monte, National City, Poway and La Quinta.

Types of Product Liability Claims

If you or a loved one was recently injured when using a defective product, you should discuss your circumstances with a personal injury attorney at Braff Personal Injury Law Firm to determine if you have grounds for filing a product liability claim.  Defective product cases are often complex in nature considering the broad range of claims that fall under this area of personal injury law.  These claims typically fall into one of the 3 following product liability categories:

  • Defective design
  • Defective manufacturing
  • Failure to provide sufficient instructions or warnings about using the product properly

A product liability claims attorney can explain these categories to you while helping you navigate through the legal process.  If you have a valid personal injury claim for product liability, we can use that knowledge to develop an effective strategy for taking your case to court.  Essentially, defective products cases are governed by similar laws in every state.  But keep one thing in mind.  You not only have to prove that a product was defective but that you’re injuries resulted from that specific defect. This is tricky yet we at Braff Personal Injury Law Firm specialize in ensuring that the guilty are brought to the book in California.

Proving Liability

In product liability claims and lawsuits, cases are usually filed against the designer, the manufacturer, or the seller of the product.  However, this does not mean that other entities or members of the supply chain won’t be held responsible (e.g. distributors and wholesalers).  When evaluating the validity of your product liability claim, our personal injury attorney’s goal is to help you prove that one of these parties is liable for your injuries and any financial damages that resulted from them.  You must prove all of the following:

  • You were injured by using the product and suffered financial losses as a result
  • The product is defective
  • Your injuries are directly attributed to the defect
  • You were following the directions or instructions when using the product

Proving liability in this type of personal injury case can be very difficult without the help of our personal injury lawyer in El Monte, National City, Poway and La Quinta.  Be sure to discuss your case with us before proceeding.