Slip and Fall injuries Lawyer in El Monte, Poway, La Quinta & National City

For most of us, the biggest concerns we have after suffering from a slip, trip, or fall is embarrassment or a dropped coffee. But, these minor incidents that many of us have experienced are actually very dangerous, and can result in serious injuries. In California, those who own, operate, or are responsible for property have a duty of care to ensure that the properties that they maintain are safe to access. Part of this duty of care is to ensure that people who may be walking across surfaces will be able to safely cross without any serious slip, trip, or fall hazards.

People who are injured in slip, trip, and fall incidents suffer a wide variety of injuries from minor bumps and scrapes to major injuries such as sprains, bone breaks, and traumatic brain injuries. In California, people who are injured in a slip and fall injury as the result of someone’s recklessness or carelessness are entitled to compensation for their injuries. Though the law provides for this recovery of financial compensation, actually proving and winning a financial claim can be more difficult than you might know.

Personal Injury Law and Slip and Fall Injuries

If you, or one of your loved ones has been injured in a slip and fall injury, it is important that you act quickly to protect yourself from predatory insurance companies. It can be very difficult to prove negligence in a slip and fall injury, since “evidence” can so easily be removed. After a slip and fall, it is very important that you act quickly to gather evidence, and to find a personal injury lawyer you can depend on. At Braff Personal Injury Law Firm, we are one of the state’s most successful personal injury firms, and we can help ensure you are protected after a slip and fall accident.

Braff Personal Injury Law Firm

At Braff Personal Injury Law Firm, we know how overwhelming it can be to try to handle the physical and emotional pain associated with a serious injury, while ensuring that your financial compensation is protected. It can be very easy to delay finding adequate representation, or to accept a small settlement in an attempt to move on with your life. Our legal firm exists so you don’t need to make compromises like this after a getting injured in an accident in El Monte, National City, Poway and La Quinta.

At this stressful and overwhelming time, Braff Personal Injury Law Firm is committed to working with the victims of serious injury to be sure we handle the most stressful and complicated parts of your personal injury claim, so you can focus on healing and adjusting to your injuries. We offer a completely free initial consultation to every potential client we work with. Take this opportunity to learn more about your case and your potential compensation – contact us today to set up your free appointment!