What Do You Do If Your Car Accident Injuries Take A While To Show Up?

Injuries from motor vehicle accidents may not always be apparent immediately. If you are ever involved in a car accident, your lawyer will inform you of this. Any car accident is a pretty big deal, even if it was only a minor dent or scratch. You want to hire a personal injury lawyer in Poway, to help you craft the personal injury case that will get you the settlement that you want and need. You may think that being involved in a minor accident is no big deal especially if you did not sustain any visible injuries.

However, this is far from true because major injuries from a car accident can take weeks, months, and sometimes even a few years to materialize.You need to keep track of the progression of injuries and the appearance of new injuries and trauma.Since accident related injuries are traumatic, your personal injury lawyer will inform you that your body overproduces a hormone called adrenaline right after you have been in a traumatic incident. Your body will respond to the car accident by going into overdrive and producing endorphins. When it’s produced in excess, you’ll feel really good even if you are in bad shape.

The hormones adrenaline and endorphins will mask the injuries you have sustained in your car accident. They may not appear for a while. You may feel as though you have boundless energy and you may not feel much pain. But don’t worry, these feelings will disappear after a short while and you’ll be in a ‘world of hurt and pain’ afterward.

What about soft tissue injuries resulting from a car accident?

You may well have torn a ligament or a muscle in your car accident and not even be aware of it until several months after the fact. Injuries to softer tissues are known as soft tissue injuries. Contrary to what you may think, soft tissue injuries are a common occurrence in car accidents. One of the most common types of soft tissue injury is whiplash. Your neck is hurled forward and then backward at great force and you sustain substantial injuries to your neck as a result.

Soft tissue injuries do as much damage and sometimes even worse damage than hard tissue injuries do. For example, it’s not uncommon for people to suffer from substantial pain and swelling. They also may not be able to walk very well. What’s even worse is that these types of injuries don’t always show up on an x-ray right away.


Your lawyer will tell you that a concussion occurs when your brain rattles against the inside of your skull violently. This is a common occurrence (unfortunately) in car accidents. You know you have a concussion if you experience one of more of the following:

● Muddied thinking
● Difficulty in concentrating
● Memory problems, especially in terms of new information
● Extreme headache
● Extreme nausea
● Blurry vision
● Dizziness
● Lethargy
● Changes in sleep patterns

Go see the doctor immediately if you experience one or more of the following symptoms

Seeking medical attention

You need to see a doctor immediately after you are involved in a car accident, no matter how minor. Your doctor will accurately diagnose you and formulate an effective treatment plan with you. What’s even better is that he or she will create medical records for you. These can be used either in or out of court against the defendant.

Wait to settle

Personal injury lawyers know that settling right away is anathema. You may have injuries that may take months to show up. If you settle right away, your settlement amount may not be enough to cover unforeseen expenses that are accident-related that materialize in the future.