What Do You Do When No Lawyer Wants To Take Your Personal Injury Case?

Getting into a major personal injury accident like a car accident, no matter how minor, is always very traumatic. Your natural response is to seek legal help and file a personal injury claim or lawsuit. But what happens when no personal injury lawyer will represent you? Don’t worry, this article will tell you exactly what to do in this instance. You may think that you have a strong personal injury case that will win either in or out of court, but the personal injury lawyers may not always agree.

How do personal injury lawyers decide the merits of a personal injury case?

A personal injury lawyer in National City always has legally valid reasons for rejecting your personal injury case. It’s your responsibility to ask him or her why he or she declined your case. Doing so could prevent a repeat occurrence of this.

The reasons for rejection are diverse. They can range from simple ones. A good example is that the personal injury lawyer was too busy to handle your case. Another good (and simple) reason is that there is a conflict of interest involved. The lawyer may well be partners with the defendant’s lawyer. The injury lawyer has an ethical obligation to not take on your case in that instance. If these circumstances apply to you, you simply need to look for another lawyer to represent you. However, there are times when the reasons for rejection are more complex. Some of these are discussed in more detail below:

● Your personal injury case will not stand up either in or out of court

It is just common sense that no lawyer will represent you if your case is simply not winnable either in or out of court. The reason for this is because the lawyer will essentially be filing a frivolous case or lawsuit. This can result in the courts sanctioning him or her. The defense could even sue the lawyer for this. This is especially true when the defendant had to pay substantial legal and other related fees trying to defend him or herself.

● The lawyer can’t make any money off of it

Any lawyer invests significant time and money when filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit. This professional needs to recuperate all of this money (remember that time is also money) and then some from your settlement. If your expected settlement amount is much less than the costs of filing a claim or lawsuit and representing you, don’t expect any lawyer to want to take your case easily. Remember also that most lawyers work under a contingency fee agreement. This means that they don’t get paid, if you don’t win.

● You don’t have a personal injury case

Any personal injury lawyer will reject your case if it actually falls under the malpractice, workers’ compensation, or other realms.

● You messed up

Don’t be surprised if a personal injury lawyer rejects your case if you seem to be a liar. A lawyer can also refuse to represent you if it is obvious that you share most of the fault in the personal injury accident. Another good reason for a lawyer to reject your case is if you ask what your potential settlement amount could be upfront. This statement tells the lawyer that you either have unrealistic expectations, you are going to be an extremely difficult client, or that you are just plain greedy.